130 GBaud CDM

AFR's HB-CDM-130G is a quad-channel 130 GBaud high-bandwidth coherent driver modulator integrated with an RF driver, based on Thin-Film LiNbO3 chip. It is designed for 400/800 Gb/s or 1.2Tb/s coherent optical transport systems and transceivers, with baud rate over 130G per channel.


Product Details


• Support Coherent Transmission at Baud Rate of up to 130 GBaud

• C/C++ Band, and L/L++ Band Available

• High EO Bandwidth 65 GHz

• High Extinction Ratio ≥ 23 dB

• Compatible with OIF-HB-CDM-2.0 IA Type-3

• Standard Form Factor Module 30 × 11.8 × 4.35 mm


• DP-QPSK Coding

• DP-16QAM Coding

• DP-64QAM Coding

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