70 GHz Intensity Modulator

AFR's Thin-Film LiNbO3 intensity modulators that expand the performance of traditional LiNbO3 modulators combining much lower driving voltage and smaller footprint while extending the bandwidth above 65 GHz. The increasing demand to shift the transmission frequency in analog fiber optic links towards higher frequency finds in AFR analog modulators the most advanced and suitable answer. The experience and know-how of AFR engineers is available to customize our products to the customer's specific requirements.


Product Details


• X-Cut Thin-Film LiNbO3 Waveguides

• Operating Wavelength at 1530 - 1610 nm

• Bandwidth in Excess of 65 GHz

• Low Drive Voltage

• Single-End Drive


• Digital Transmission

• Analog Transmission

• High Frequency Fiber Optic Links

• Delay Lines Telemetry Systems

• Instrumentation

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